New Tools for Taking Control of Your Web Browsing

Michael Calore: Crypto wallets.

Lauren Goode: Cryptocurrency wallets. And I went to go install it. And the permissions were just incredible. It was like, once you install this on your browser, we have permission to read, write, change, alter, do what I think we want with your data as you’re browsing. And I was like, “Nope, absolutely not.” And so, yeah. And permissions are kind of a pet peeve of mine, in terms of just their overreach. So yeah, be careful with browser extensions. And if their permissions are a little bit too aggressive, just don’t use the browser extension, as much as you think it’s going to make life easier.

Michael Calore: Speaking of extensions. Matt, just to go back to DuckDuckGo for a second. It’s in beta now, but do we know when the browser is going to get extensions?

Matt Burgess: So they said at the moment they’re looking into building in ways for extensions to work without compromising people’s privacy or any of those types of settings or permissions that we were just talking about. So it’s not one that has got a date on it yet, but it’s something they’re looking at, and it’s going to be potentially at some point in the future. As somebody who’s been trialing this out for a few days, I would hope that it comes when they get to the first actual launch. And this goes out of beta, but it is still undetermined, I’m afraid.

Lauren Goode: All right, let’s take another quick break. And then when we come back, we’re going to do our recommendations.


Lauren Goode: All right, Matt, as our guest of honor this week, what is your recommendation?

Matt Burgess: When coming on the show, this was the bit that gave me the most anxiety, actually coming up with something that may not be super weird. So I’ve gone with the easy option of a book. And the book is A Woman in the Polar Night, which is a book about an Austrian painter called Christiane Ritter, who traveled to a remote Arctic island in 1934. And this is basically her memoir of when she was living in a little hut with a husband and another researcher, and it is quite gripping in terms of being one of the only people at that time to live in this really remote Arctic space, and sort of hunting down polar bears, and all of that, that comes with living totally off-grid.

Lauren Goode: Wow. I want to read this. I want to do it. I just want to live it. Go off Twitter forever.

Michael Calore: These days, I bet you could probably still get Twitter on a remote polar Arctic island.

Matt Burgess: So the other choice that I was going to bring on is something that, as it’s turned to spring, like the last couple of weeks, I have completely loved, and it’s pomegranate seeds, just like in so many salads and all of that, just sprinkling a handful of pomegranate seeds in there, just for a bit of extra health and sort of springtime feeling.

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