Are You Being Tracked by an AirTag? Here’s How to Check

When the AirTag launched in 2021, Apple’s Bluetooth tracker with ultra-wideband was lauded as a step toward the future of augmented reality and a great way to find everyday objects, like your lost TV remote. Cybersecurity experts expressed concern that the tracking device would be exploited by stalkers. As we get closer to AirTag’s one-year anniversary, those warnings appear prescient.

Model Brooks Nader says an AirTag was secretly slipped into her coat during a night out in New York City. In Connecticut, a man was arrested and charged with stalking after police found an AirTag in the victim’s car. Police in multiple states have issued warnings about the potential criminal uses of AirTags.

Newer AirPods have tracking abilities similar to AirTags, but the higher cost of Apple’s earbuds limits their disposability as a tracking device. On February 10, Apple updated its support page for AirTags with additional information and a firm denouncement of using the device to track people. Reporting from 9to5Mac suggests further AirTag updates will be rolled out this year.

Even though Tile and other competitors to the AirTag exist, the vastness of Apple’s ecosystem sets the device apart. If you are concerned that a secret AirTag may be recording your location, these signs may help detect the tracker.

Signs an AirTag Is Tracking You

The type of smartphone you own affects how easily you can discover hidden AirTags. Owners of iPhones running iOS 14.5 or newer should receive a push alert whenever an unknown AirTag is nearby for an extended period of time and away from its owner. Apple’s website does not provide an exact time frame for when this alert is triggered.

When you click on the iPhone alert, you may be given the option to play a sound on the AirTag to help locate the device. Check that you will receive these alerts by going into the Find My app, choose the Me tab in the bottom-right corner, and make sure Item Safety Alerts is green and toggled to the right under Notifications.

Months after the release of the AirTag, Apple launched the Tracker Detect app for Android phones. Unlike the security features available for the iPhone, the Android app does not automatically look for unknown AirTags. Users must initiate the scan.

According to Eva Galperin, director of cybersecurity at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the reason for the app’s limited functionality is complicated. “This is actually a limitation of how the Android ecosystem works and how Android apps can work,” she says. “I have called on Apple and Android to work together to incorporate the level of mitigations that Apple provides in iOS into the Android operating system, but this requires a lot of cooperation between two groups who are normally rivals.”

While some guides to finding AirTags recommend using Bluetooth scanners, Galperin does not consider this method to be reliable for tracker searching. “I have tried using various Bluetooth scanners in order to detect AirTags, and they do not work all the time,” she says.

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